Jockey COVID-19 Protocols – Effective 1 July 2020


Effective 1 July 2020, Racing NSW has removed the COVID-19 jockey zones for NSW-based jockeys, including any restrictions for riding trackwork. The removal will result in jockeys being able to ride at any race meeting in the state unrestricted.

The current protocols for interstate jockeys or jockeys that have travelled back from an interstate jurisdiction remain in place, in that they require a 14-day quarantine period in NSW before riding in NSW.

Jockeys will be continued to be subject to the following protocols;

  1. If you are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms described above, do not attend the racecourse and contact your local Stewards. Immediately seek medical advice by calling Coronavirus Health Information Line 1800 020 080 or your medical practitioner
  2. If you are feeling well, upon arrival on course you must not enter the jockey’s room until your temperature has been checked (where equipment is available) and verified within normal parameters.
  3. A jockey experiencing an elevated temperature will be given the opportunity to have a further temperature assessment 15 minutes following the first assessment.
  4. Should the rider’s temperature remain elevated he or she will not be permitted to enter the jockey’s room and shall be required to leave the racecourse. A medical clearance to the satisfaction of Racing NSW will be required before riding again.
  5. Once in the jockeys’ room, wherever possible, jockeys will be required to segregate a minimum of at least 1.5 metres apart. Jockeys rooms will be arranged to ensure adherence the government requirements of one person every 4 square metres.
  6. Whenever possible, between races jockeys should use hand sanitizers provided by the club. All gear should be cleaned/disinfected between races.
  7. Direct contact between other jockeys and persons should be avoided at all costs and maintain social distancing (1.5 metres apart) from all persons.
  8. Jockeys will continue to be segregated on raceday from trainers and other racecourse attendees by using jockey/official zones.
  9. Should you feel unwell or experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19 throughout the day, ensure you advise the Stewards who will obtain medical assistance.
  10. Once you have fulfilled your final engagement, thoroughly clean/disinfect gear, shower and leave the jockeys room and racecourse immediately.
  11. The use of spas on all racecourses is prohibited until further notice.

Jockey colours

Trainers or owners are required to provide separate colours for each individual jockey. If this cannot be accommodated a separate set of colours or the club colours must be nominated to be used.

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