Horses Travelling From Victoria To NSW (Effective 31 Aug 2020)

Racing NSW today has announced the introduction of phase two of the easing of restrictions permitting horses to travel from Victoria into NSW, consistent with the advice it has received from its biosecurity expert that it is appropriate to review its position given the reduction in the amount of daily new cases in Victoria and the stabilisation of the infection rate.

Phase two will allow all horses currently located in Victoria to be transported into NSW, subject to the Racing NSW Policy for the Transportation of Horses from Victoria.

The requirements of the policy include:

• Cleansing of transport vehicles prior to travelling into NSW.
• Use of one transport driver.
• Application being made to and approval provided by Racing NSW Stewards prior to transportation.
• Horses to be transported to a spelling property or pre-training property that is not located on a NSW racecourse and horse must not be transported directly to a NSW racecourse or licensed stables and must remain on the spelling property or pre-training property for a minimum of 48 hours prior to being transported to a racecourse of licensed stable.
• All personnel undertake social distancing when loading and unloading horses.
• Ensuring all gear used to transport the horses to be returned to the transport vehicle once the horse has been unloaded.
• Declaration of person at NSW property that receives horses confirming compliance with Racing NSW Policy for the Transportation of Horses from Victoria.

Any person who fails to comply with this policy is subject to sanction from Racing NSW and the horses concerned may not be permitted to race in NSW for a period determined by Racing NSW.

Any person intending to transport a horse from Victoria to NSW must read the full Racing NSW Policy, which is available at Racing NSW Policy – Transport of Horses from Victoria and complete the application form below.

Application Form – Travel from Victoria (effective 31 August 2020)


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