Increased Costs / KPIs – NSWTA comment

Comment on any suggested ATC cost increases

“The costs of racing are high enough as it is.  Further increases are simply unacceptable”

“Prize money helps only 30% of participants to keep their business sustainable – subsiding training fees helps all participants, particularly new owners and trainers we are trying to encourage into the industry.

“70% of horses win less than $10,000 in prize money per year. Whilst increased prize money is good, it only helps out a few whereas reducing costs helps all participants.”

(evidence attached as taken from ARB fact book –    (pages 52 and 55 are the key)

“We need to look after the battlers in NSW not just the winners and the leading trainers on the NSW Trainers Association support this approach.”

“The feed and Vet bills are pretty much the same for the horse that wins the Golden Slipper or the horse that comes last in a mid week meeting.

“Cost need to be kept down to attract new owners into the game and ensure the survival of the trainers we have now.”

“Trainers and owners can’t sustain further increases in costs. You can’t just increase prize money for those lucky enough to win a race but then take away from everyone else with increased costs and expect them to stay in racing.”

“It defies common sense and we won’t take this lying down.  Stay tuned.”    NSW Trainers Chief Executive Steve McMahon said

Comment on suggested new KPI’s for ATC trainers (suggestion is that a certain amount of horses are required to race at ATC tracks and win at ATC tracks)

“Whilst I’m yet to see any detail on this proposal yet, I have already made it clear to the ATC that common sense needs to be applied here.”

“Trainers would love their horses to win 100% of the time but unfortunately that’s not how the world works.”

“I’m hopeful that we can achieve a workable solution before the new leases come into force on August 1.”   NSW Trainers Chief Executive Steve McMahon.

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