Robert Smerdon Judgement Expected This Week

Victorian Chief Steward Terry Bailey expects the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary (RAD) Board to hand down its decision in the case against trainer Robert Smerdon on Thursday.

Robert Smerdon has been charged in relation to his involvement in the Damien Oliver betting scandal.

Racing Victoria stewards have charged Smerdon with Australian Rule of Racing AR 175 : “Any person bound by these rules who either within a racecourse or elsewhere in the opinion of the committee of any club or the stewards has been guilty of conduct prejudicial to the image, or interests, or welfare of racing may be penalised.”

Racing Victoria stewards alleged that when Hunter gave Smerdon a “wad of money” to pass on to Oliver, the trainer should have known it was the proceeds of a bet made on behalf of the jockey.

Counsel for stewards Dr Cliff Pannam told the RAD Board that by agreeing to be an intermediary in the process, Smerdon had “taken his chances.”

By Owens Wong


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