Amendment to AR.135A

The Australian Racing board today released new amendments to AR.135A. This amendment applies to <insert a summary of the rule, and who it applies to>. The amendment details are as follows:

Australian Racing Board


A.        Amendment to AR.135A

Delete Existing Rule and replace with the following:

“135A. When by or on behalf of a trainer, any instruction is given to, or arrangement made with the rider of a horse engaged in a race that the horse be ridden in the race in a manner different from the manner in which the horse was ridden at its most recent start or starts, it shall be the responsibility of the trainer or his duly authorised agent to notify the Stewards of any such instruction or arrangement as early as practicable but not later than 30 minutes prior to the race.  Upon receipt of that notification the Stewards may make any public release in respect thereof as they deem to be appropriate.”

Date of Effect:                        1st October 2012]

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