Interstate Stewards Extracts – Rosehill Gardens (Saturday 2nd March)

Please note the following interstate stewards extracts for the Rosehill Gardens race meeting on Saturday, 2nd March 2013.

RACE 2:-
Horse No. 5 – TESTAGUY (Mornington 13/2/2013):  When questioned regarding his tactics near the 1000 metres when a runner, which was racing three-wide, was able to gain a position one off the fence in front of his mount which was being restrained, the rider explained that at the time he allowed that runner to improve in front of him to avoid having another runner racing directly to his outside. He added, in hindsight, he should have tried to improve his position behind the runner which was racing outside of the leader because as soon as he allowed the runner in, another runner improved quickly to his outside and therefore, ended up in the same position.

RACE 3:-
Horse No. 7 – COUNT ENCOSTA (Eagle Farm 9/2/2013):  Was slow to begin.

RACE 5:-
Horse No. 9 – SWEET IDEA (Gold Coast 12/1/2013):  Cast a plate during its preliminary and was reshod. A subsequent examination by the veterinary surgeon  passed the horse fit to race.

RACE 8:-
Horse No. 8 – ADAMON (Mornington 13/2/2013):  Was bumped on jumping.

Source : Racing NSW

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