Late Mail For Rosehill Gardens

Inside goss from the secret squirrel who always seems to know :

Race 3 No.7 – Ceasars Princess
Race 4 No.1 – Havana Rey or No.7 – Ferment
Race 6 No.1 – Marden or No.7 – Panko
Race 7 No.7 – Sherocksmyworld or No.9 – Matignon
Race 8 No.9 – Zedlion or No.13 – Skip town

Roughy of the day Race 8 No. 3 – Knot out (No trials but has his own track at Arrowfield. Nice breeding.)

Late mail from the editor :

Race 4 No.2 – High on Believing (One start over this course and distance for one win. Having won twice out of three starts 2nd up.)


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