Nature Strip’s Ascot Plans Confirmed

Nature Strip is booked to fly out, bound for Royal Ascot, at the end of May.

Managing owner Rod Lyons confirmed the path the superstar sprinter will take ahead of his overseas mission.

“We are all set for Royal Ascot,” Lyons told

“The horse trials next Friday and then comes down for a jumpout on the 27th and he is booked on a plane for the 30th of this month (May).”

It comes after the world’s highest-rated sprinter on Thursday accepted a slot for this year’s Everest.

Lyons said there was plenty of consideration given to the decision to travel the seven-year-old.

“We tossed it around,” Lyons admitted.

“Very, very good money to race here in Australia but there is half a dozen real good mates in the horse … we like a good time.

“The horse has done a fabulous job for us and just the thrill of going to Royal Ascot and mixing with the hierarchy and the battlers from Australia and New Zealand.

“I’ve been to Royal Ascot a couple of times and I’ve always thought ‘How good would it be to have a horse to come and race at Royal Ascot’?

“We got a majority of owners to vote to go pretty easily.

“It’s not a money issue, it’s just that thrill and that once in a lifetime that our kids and grandkids will take about it long after we are gone.”


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