New RICG Chairman

At yesterday’s Racing Industry Consultative Group AGM (RICG) NSW Trainers Association Chief Executive Steve McMahon was unanimously elected as the new RICG Chairman and Bob Pavitt Chairman of Country Racing was unanimously elected Vice Chairman.

Outgoing Chairman ATC Chief Executive Darren Pearce decided to step down as Chairman due to his extremely At yesterday’s Racing Industry Consultative Group AGM (RICG) NSW Trainers Association Chief busy workload dealing with matters such as the redevelopment of Randwick and Rosehill Gardens racecourses. Darren was widely praised for his hard work and dedication as Chairman of RICG, however he will be staying on as a member of the group.

New RICG Chairman Steve McMahon said it’s essential for the future of Racing in NSW that those running racing engage in meaningful consultation, listen to industry participants and take their concerns seriously.

“RICG should not be another token committee where we all rock up for half a day each month and flick through papers, we need action, we need results.” Steve McMahon said.

“Whilst racing has been blessed with the Race Fields victory, we can’t bask in that glory forever. Racing has some serious issues going into the future and if they aren’t addressed soon peoples’ livelihood will be at stake.”

“Our priorities for the year are to work with Racing NSW to reduce the cost of owning and training a racehorse, we need to make sure racing is sustainable from Country race clubs to the City.”

“Racing needs to attract a new generation of punters and participants if we are going to survive. We can’t just keep doing the same old things and expect a different result.”

“We’ve got a lot of experience across the industry on this board and we don’t intent to sit there and do nothing. We will be very active in engaging with Racing NSW to ensure Racing grows into the future. Steve McMahon said.

RICG is made up of :

  • Steve McMahon – NSWTA
  • Bob Pavitt – Country NSW
  • Peter De Vries – Provincial NSW
  • Darren Pearce and Matt Rudolph- ATC
  • Ray McDowell – Race horse Owners Association
  • Derek Field – NSW Breeders
  • Paul Innes – Australian Jockey’s Association
  • Russ Collison – Unions NSW
  • Brian Judd – Racing NSW Secretariat

Source : RICG

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