NSW Trainers Association Push For The Bush

Armidale Deserves More

The NSW Trainers Association (NSWTA) have called upon Racing NSW and NSW Government to provide better infrastructure and training facilities in race tracks across Country NSW.

On Monday 10 December, NSWTA Chief Executive, Steve McMahon, will meet with NSW MP Richard Torbay, Armidale horse trainers and local racing officials. Hot on the agenda will be access to quality racing surfaces and infrastructure to ensure the safety of horses and jockeys alike.

“The trainers at Armidale do a great job but they need more access to quality racing surfaces. Armidale deserves more.” NSW Trainers Association Steve McMahon said.

“Racing NSW are in the process of allocating $30 million to improve training facilities across NSW. We want Country NSW to get their fair share, especially places like Armidale and Tamworth.”

Member for Northern Tablelands Richard Torbay said he supports the local trainers.

“Horse trainers in NSW are the backbone of racing employing many of the 50,000 people that work in the industry. Most trainers are up working at 2am in the morning and keep going until dark. They deserve the safe, quality facilities.” Richard Torbay said.

NSWTA Chief Executive, Steve McMahon has also come armed with a new weapon for trainers, their own new website www.homeofracing.com.au

“The new website will be a new voice for the trainers to have their message heard. It’s also the perfect place for punter to get the best tips straight from the horse trainers mouth.” Steve McMahon said.

“My job is to help improve the lot of trainers in NSW and key part of that is looking after Country NSW who deserve their fair share of Industry funds.”

“We are determined to get out and about to address the concerns of trainers across all of NSW.” NSWTA CEO Steve McMahon said.

The NSWTA represents over 1000 Trainers across NSW.

The NSW Trainers Association exists to help improve the conditions of thoroughbred horse trainers and their staff. That means advocating for better facilities and working with race clubs such as Armidale and Tamworth for better conditions that make life better for trainers, horses and therefore the public that love to watch the races.

NSW Trainers Association

Contact : CEO Steve McMahon 0452078779


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