NSWTA Have Called For The Release Of Central Coast Racing Report

The NSW Trainers Association have called for the immediate release of the John Singleton led report into Central Coast racing. The report has been sent to Racing NSW, there have been discussions with both Gosford and Wyong race clubs but the report is yet to be made public and Racing NSWs position is not yet clear.

“We call on this report and the next steps to be made public immediately.” NSW Trainers Chief Executive Steve McMahon said.

“The rumours and uncertainty are impacting on the lives and business of local trainers and it’s not fair.” he added

“Some trainers have made their homes and their business on or near both race courses and they deserve to know what’s going to happen.”

“The trainers are keen to work with Racing NSW for the betterment of Racing in the region but we need to see the report, know the facts, know how much funding is available and all the options before we can go forward.”

“This was all supposed to be wrapped up before the end of November and that date is rapidly approaching.”

“Trainers don’t deserve to have their Christmas ruined with this hanging over their heads. Training is a hard enough business as it is.” Steve McMahon added.

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