Racing NSW Concludes Review Into Racing On Central Coast

Racing NSW today announced the conclusion of its review of racing and training facilities on the Central Coast.

In October 2012, a taskforce headed by Mr John Singleton AM, presented a comprehensive report to Racing NSW that made a number of recommendations regarding racing on the Central Coast including a plan to develop a first class racing and training facility in the region.

Since then a detailed examination of the proposals, including costings, has been undertaken. Indications are that the cost of the desired option is beyond Racing NSW’s present capital budget and cannot currently be financed. Accordingly, the board of Racing NSW has resolved not to proceed with this matter any further at this time.

Racing NSW Chairman, Mr John Messara AM, reiterated the appreciation of Racing NSW for the work undertaken by Mr Singleton as well as Mr Rob Ferguson and Ms Monique Marks.

“On behalf of Racing NSW I again wish to thank Mr Singleton and the Taskforce for their excellent work and their incisive report to Racing NSW. It provided a vision for the future, but requires the support of both the Gosford and Wyong Clubs.

“Racing NSW was interested in pursuing the recommendations of the Report but further examination has indicated that the development at the heart of the Report’s recommendations would cost more than we have available in our present capital budget,” said Mr Messara.

“Given our financial limitations, the board of Racing NSW has opted not to proceed further with the proposal at this time.”

This decision will remove uncertainty for participants on the Central Coast.

“Racing NSW will not be driving a merger of the Gosford and Wyong Race Clubs,” said Mr Messara. “If the clubs opt to join forces of their own accord, the Singleton Report and subsequent studies are on the record and at their disposal.

“There is no doubt that there are sound strategic reasons for the development of a first class racing and training facility on the Central Coast, but the Clubs themselves also need to embrace the vision,” added Messara.

Source : Racing NSW

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