Stewards To Inspect Warwick Farm Ahead Of Tuesday’s Meeting

Racing New South Wales stewards will today inspect Warwick Farm ahead of Tuesday’s meeting as the big wet continues to drench Sydney.

While track manager Lindsay Murphy said Warwick Farm was already in the Heavy range, Chairman of stewards Ray Murrihy said he would inspect the Warwick Farm surface on Monday.

“I’m not aware of how much rain they’ve had at Warwick Farm, but if you lived in Sydney people would be concerned about the meeting so we’ll go and look at the track,” Murrihy said.

“The rain has been mainly coastal, but it’s been so persistent that Warwick Farm is sure to have got some of it.”

Murphy said Warwick Farm hasn’t copped as much rain as Randwick, which saw the last five races being abandoned on Saturday, but he added the next 24 hours holds the key.

“They’re forecasting quite a bit of rain today. Warwick Farm will be a heavy track, but it’s okay at the moment,” Murphy said.

“It really depends what happens today and tomorrow.”

By Owens Wong


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