2015/16 NSWTA Insurance Summary

NSW Trainers Association Insurance

Dear Trainer

You will be pleased to learn that there will be NO increased costs for your NSWTA arranged training insurance policies this year – Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident cover.  

You will also be pleased to learn that your level of cover has improved again this year for the 2015/16 racing season.  

This is on top of the additional benefits we negotiated with Gow-Gates Insurance last year.

Personal Accident policy improvements

Additional benefits 2015/16 include:

– Increased ‘Routine Benefits’ payment from 13 weeks last year to 20 weeks this year.   (up to $500 Per Week)

FYI – ‘Routine benefits’ is basically funds to replace staff for a non-income earning trainer in the event of injury.  

‘Weekly benefits’ for income earners are up to $750 for up to 52 weeks.

Last years increased benefits included:

 – Capital Benefit for Death or Permanent Disability increased from $50,000 to $100,000

– Hendra Illness cover – $50,000 lump sum on confirmed diagnosis

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity improvements;

– Care, custody and control (inc horses) cover increase from $5 million to $20 million

We believe that NSW trainers have some of the best payments/options and most affordable in Australia when it comes to insurance. 

You will receive from me comprehensive Insurance information and policies for the 2015/16 racing year soon.

Once confirmed, the policy summary, disclosure, details, claim forms etc will be emailed to you and available throughout the year at http://homeofracing.com.au/trainers-lounge/

You are covered by the NSWTA arranged policies from August 1 if you ticked the box with Racing NSW when you renewed your trainers license.

Please be aware that your Personal Accident insurance is separate and different to your Workers Compensation cover.  Basically, your Personal Accident insurance covers you the trainer only, where as Workers Compensation covers your staff and mainly covers trainers when they are riding work at the track.  As always if you have any questions please contact me.     We are please to advise that you also received a $200 reduction in your Workers Compensation payment this year.

In order to receive other benefits, discounts and services you need to be a member of the NSWTA.  

If you are unsure and wish to confirm that you are a member of the NSWTA and/or insured by NSWTA policies simply reply to this email with your query.

These policies are designed to cover the base needs of around 1000 NSW Trainers.  Some of you will have additional needs or desire further cover in some areas.  Do not hesitate to contact me or Gow-Gates directly on (02) 8267 9999  or  1800 811 371 should you wish to explore this further.

NSWTA Insurance Highlights

 Personal Accident:

 * Weekly Benefits – Injury – 85% of earnings up to $750 per week max

* Non Medicare Expenses – 100% of actual costs incurred up to $2000 max

* Broken bones benefit – Up to $3000 max

* Routine duties Benefit (replacement staff) – 100% of actual costs incurred up to $500 per week max – Now increased from 13 to 20 weeks at no extra cost!

– Capital Benefit for Death or Permanent Disability increased from $50,000 to $100,000 last year

– Hendra Illness cover – $50,000 lump sum on confirmed diagnosis

Public Liability:

* Public Liabilty – $20 million

* Products Liabilty – $20 million

* Contamination or Pollution – $20 million

* Horse care, custody and control – $20 million  (Up from $5million in 2013/14) 

* Professional Indemnity (Professional Indemnity extension, errors or omissions) – $500,000

Excess $1,000 each and every claim

All fees collected from trainers are kept quarantined for the purposes of paying trainer insurance premiums, management fees (NSWTA/Gow Gates) and to help protect trainers against future possible rate increases.


Steve McMahon
Chief Executive
NSW Trainers Association