Summary Of Achievements For 2012/13

  • A better deal for trainers with Improved insurance policies including trainers to receive a rebate around $50
  • Successfully pressured Racing NSW to allocate more than 2/3rds of Race fields accumulated funds ($100million) towards improving TRAINING tracks facilities from July 2012, rather than committee rooms and grand stands.
  • Fighting for a dispute resolution system at Racing NSW so that owners pay their bills to trainers.
  • Fighting for a ‘Cancellation policy” to increase from $200 to at least $400 when a race meeting is cancelled at short notice.
  • Successfully fought for a common sense approach to Drug and Alcohol policies after dealing with the Australian Racing Board.
  • Had Racing NSW listen to Central Coast trainers concerned over the potential merger of Gosford and Wyong.
  • NSWTA Chief Executive appointed Chairman of the Racing Industry Consultative Group which gives trainers a greater say in Racing matters.
  • Sucessfully lobbied for changes that benefit NSW Trainers when the Australian Racing Board sought to bring in unnecessary rule changes.
  • Debt collection help. NSWTA can chase bad debts by providing a legal claim letter.  We are actively pursing the creation of an efficient, low cost tribunal with legal powers to enable racing NSW to ban owners who don’t pay their bills from be able to keep racing.
  • 7 Days a week rolling track and rail updates.  As a result of concerns raised by you via the NSW Trainers Association, Racing NSW have agreed to implement a new 7 day per week rolling update of track and rail conditions.
  • A new legally prepared Trainer/Agent sales agreement form designed to provide greater protection for trainers when buying/selling a horse or acting as an agent.
  • A new Pro Ride Synthetic Training track being built at Warwick Farm and Newcastle with NSWTA working on other tracks too.
  • Better barrier attendants. Whilst they still need more pay and we need teams of professionally trained barrier attendants, Racing NSW has now committed to start professional training of barrier attendants across NSW.
  • launched.   An exciting new trainers website that will help trainers earn additional income, raise your profile, create your own personalised website for free and much much more.
  • Daily representations on behalf of over 1000 trainers by the NSWTA to Racing NSW, race clubs, local councils and other associated bodies in relation to many diverse racing and finance matters.
  • Daily assistance provided to trainers in relation to industrial relations, pay rates, insurance queries, racing rules and administration.

Steve McMahon
Chief Executive
NSW Trainers Association