Chairman’s Report 2012-13

The NSW Trainers Association (“NSWTA”) experienced a very successful year to 30 June 2013.  The Association has continued to grow and prosper since its inception in April 2008, assisting members and licensed trainers across New South Wales in a number of ways.

In the 2012/13 year, the NSWTA continued to receive tremendous support from its members. The NSWTA is in good financial health and poised to grow in coming years.  Importantly, the NSWTA is not reliant on either Racing NSW or any other organisation for funding, thereby ensuring that the Association can continue to act independently and credibly support the interests of its members.

I am proud of the fact that in my more than two years as Chairman we have created a professional structure and organisation where trainers from the Country, Provincial and Metropolitan are represented by leading trainers who understand your needs. To provide an independent view and enhanced corporate governance we also put in place the appointment of a Independent Chairman and two Independent Directors.

From a financial perspective, one of the focuses of the NSWTA has been the creation of our new website to diversify its revenue streams so as to not be reliant on members as its sole source of funding.  The NSWTA acknowledges that given membership of the Association is not compulsory, there are difficulties associated with free-riders who receive many of the benefits provided by the NSWTA without contributing financially.

The coming years focus will be on reducing the costs of racing.  We will continue to pressure Racing NSW and Race clubs to reduce costs and seek to improve the cash flow of trainers.

After more than two years of ensuring that the NSWTA is well represented and has a strong, sound structure I have decided not to recontest my position this year and let someone else have a go.   We currently have a strong board and this places the NSWTA in a great position.

I’d like to acknowledge the hard work of retiring Directors John O’Shea, Tim Martin and Peter Nestor for their strong service to NSW trainers.

I’d like to acknowledge the work of our CEO Steve McMahon and my fellow Diretors for their efforts improving the lot of trainers throughout NSW.  Working as a united, professional body is how we achieve results.

Tim Hughes
Chairman – NSWTA