2012-13 Insurance – Public Liability / Professional Indemnity

NSWTA Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance – final details and policy 2012/13

All NSW Trainers who have elected to have their insurance through the NSWTA will receive an insurance rebate as a result of these savings. Please ensure you are still a member of the NSWTA.

The rebate (expected to be around $50 per trainer) will be paid at the end of this insurance year to allow correct calculation of figures and to coincide with the time license renewal fees are due to assist with your payment.

We have increased Professional Indemnity to $500k. (Up from $250k) You also have the option of increasing the benefit to $1million for those trainers who wish to top up.

These results are a massive win for NSW Trainers.  This will substantially enhance the NSWTA policies by increasing the Personal Accident cover and doubling the Professional Indemnity section to $500k and cut the insurance costs of trainers. It’s a win win!

To ensure you continue to benefit from these policies you should check to make sure you are still a financial NSWTA member.  Email me if you are unsure of your membership status.  It is only through the strength of your membership and support that we are able to achieve these wins for trainers.


2012-13 Personal Accident QBE Schedule

2012-13 NSW Trainers Personal Accident Schedule

2012-13 Personal Accident QBE Policy Wording

2012-13 NSW Trainers Personal Accident Policy Wording

QBE Personal Accident Claim Form


Liberty Public Liability claim form


Summary Fact Sheet Personal Accident

NSW Trainers Cover Summary Personal Accident 2012

Summary Fact Sheet Public Liability

NSW Trainers Cover Summary Public Liability 2012

Summary Fact Sheet Professional Indemnity

NSW Trainers Cover Summary Professional Indemnity 2012


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