NSW Trainers Association Achievements for 2013/14

Better Cashflow and a better deal for NSW Trainers through:

  • Created a new ‘Cancellation policy” to increasing compensation from $200 to up to $600 when a race meeting is cancelled at short notice.
  • NSW Trainers have the best insurance package in the Country compared with other states. NSW Trainers have received a better deal with a cash rebate, improved insurance policies, comparatively reduced costs, special discounts and better cover.
  • A new low cost dispute resolution system so that owners pay their bills to trainers sooner scheduled to start this season.  This would enable racing NSW to penalise owners who don’t pay their bills from being able to keep racing.
  • A new Trainer/Owner payments agreement will result in better cash flow for trainers and less bad debts with a new system scheduled to start this season.
  • Debt collection help. NSWTA chased bad debts by providing a legal claim letter.  We also established a partnership with ‘Knigghts’ to assist trainers administration systems. 

Fighting for Better tracks and improved infrastructure through:

  • Successfully pressured Racing NSW to allocate more than 2/3rds of Race fields accumulated funds ($100million) towards improving TRAINING tracks facilities from July 2012, rather than committee rooms and grand stands.
  • NSWTA CEO and Trainers met with the new Racing Minister Hon Troy Grant and several local MPs pushing for more funds to be spent on tracks and training facilities.
  •  The NSWTA is constantly lobbying for Infrastructure improvements:
  • Funds received at Randwick (Kensington track), Bathurst, Goulburn, Hawkesbury, Newcastle, Muswellbrook, Scone, Tuncurry Forster, Coffs Harbour, Wagga and Gosford.
  • A new Pro Ride Synthetic Training track was built at Warwick Farm and Newcastle with NSWTA working on other tracks too.
  • NSWTA still pursuing funds for Ballina, Tamworth, Kembla Grange, Orange, Port Macquarie, Dubbo, Kembla Grange, Wyong, Rosehill, Warwick Farm and Hawkesbury
  • Successfully fought to reduced the cost of trials on the Pro-Ride at Warwick Farm from $220 to $160+GST.  We felt that it wasn’t fair for the ATC to charge the same to trial on a synthetic surface that just isn’t the same as trialing on the grass.

Fighting for real industry representation and common sense racing policies through:

  • NSWTA leading the way to have ‘Industry representation’ on the board of Racing NSW seeking the NSW Government to amend the Thoroughbred Racing Act NSW. (The Act that governs Racing)  Only then can we have a real say in the running of racing in NSW
  • NSWTA Chief Executive appointed Chairman of the Racing Industry Consultative Group that gives trainers a greater say in Racing matters.
  • Benchmarking and Handicapping – after consultations across NSW further representations were made to Racing NSW seeking a better handicapping system.  Some minor wins were achieved but it’s a constant work in progress.
  • Working with Vets and Racing NSW to ensure that NSW trainers are not unfairly disadvantaged with any new ‘licensing’ regime.
  • Successfully fought for a common sense approach to Drug and Alcohol policies after dealing with the Australian Racing Board.
  • Successfully lobbied for changes that benefit NSW Trainers when the Australian Racing Board sought to bring in unnecessary rule changes. Eg: Steroids, Stand Down powers, alcohol policy.
  • Better barrier attendants. Whilst they still need more pay and we need teams of professionally trained barrier attendants, Racing NSW has now committed to start professional training of barrier attendants across NSW.
  •  Successfully negotiated changes favourable to NSW Metropolitan trainers through their agreements with the ATC
  • Supporting Country trainers through lobbying for increased prize money, better tracks, special ‘Country/Provincial’ only races in ‘The Championships’ and other times as appropriate. 

Helping Trainers, their family and staff through:

  • Mental Health – NSWTA proudly announced, with the assistance of Racing NSW, the establishment of a specialised Counsellor to work specifically with trainers, staff and family.
  • The new Trainers and staff welfare fund that has already helped many in need.

Helping NSW trainers with the law and industrial relations through:

  • Frequent updates of all Stewards news, ARB updates and more at the ‘trainers lounge’ at www.homeofracing.com.au
  • A free website for all NSWTA members
  • www.homeofracing.com.au continued to grow.   An exciting new trainers website that will help trainers earn additional income, raise your profile, create your own personalised website for free and much much more.
  • Daily representations on behalf of over 1000 trainers by the NSWTA to Racing NSW, race clubs, NSW Government, local councils and other associated bodies in relation to many diverse racing and finance matters.
  • Daily assistance provided to trainers in relation to industrial relations, pay rates, insurance queries, racing rules and administration.

Steve McMahon
Chief Executive
NSW Trainers Association