NSWTA Update – 1.5% Stablehands Payment

Dear Trainer

At this morning’s meeting with Peter Vlandy’s a temporary solution has been reached. They have also agreed to work with us over the next few months to create a more improved system going forward.

We have had a win today in that Forepersons and Trackwork riders are now eligible for payment. The compromise, in order to keep with Racing NSWs aim of benefitting the low paid workers was to cap the payment to those staff earning no more than $28 per hour (Approx $55,000 a year gross.) As a result they have also extended the time trainers are required to provide the information by another 2 weeks.

We debated better ways of doing this (ie; letting trainers divide it amongst staff using percentiles eg 20% foreman, 10% strapper A etc) and that may be implemented next quarter, but for now its still hours worked as that’s how the online system is currently set up. Trainers with wages less than $7,500 are still not eligible.

Anyway, we have a better system now than we did a day ago and we’ll keep working on improving their system.

See joint statement below and please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for all your input and support on this.



Steve McMahon

Chief Executive

NSW Trainers Association


Friday, 19 October 2012


A meeting was held this morning between Racing NSW and the NSW Trainers Association regarding the implementation of the 1.5% payment to stablehands.

A successful agreement was reached whereby this quarter will see all licensed staff employed by the trainer and working during the quarter now eligible for the payment.

However, to recognise that the scheme was designed to benefit those workers in the lower pay range, the payments will be capped to those earning no more than $28 per hour before tax (annual pay approximately $55,000 gross).

As the system is new, Racing NSW and NSWTA recognise there may be teething problems and will spend the next three months working on ways to make the scheme work better for all concerned.

Racing NSW Chief Executive, Peter V’landys, said: “Our aim from the start has been to look after the workers in our industry who earn the least money. We are glad to have a starting point for the scheme with the payment method agreed.

“We will meet further with the NSWTA in coming weeks and will also meet with representatives of stablehands to ensure all views are considered before the future method of payment is settled.”

The date for entry of details has been deferred for two weeks to allow the changes to be made whilst Racing NSW obtains final advice regarding any taxation and payroll implications for trainers and their staff.

NSW Trainers Association Chief Executive, Steve McMahon, said: “All we wanted was a fair inclusive system that gives trainers more flexibility to reward their staff on lower wages.

“Whilst we look forward to achieving other improvements to the system, I’d like to thank Peter V’landys and his team for understanding where trainers and their staff are coming from on this matter.”

For further information please contact:-

Peter V’landys (Racing NSW Chief Executive) on (02) 9551 7556 Steve McMahon (NSW Trainers Association Chief Executive) on 0452 078 779