Veterinarians Permit

Racing NSW/Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA) announce Veterinarians Permit

Racing NSW Chief Executive, Peter V’landys AM announced on 28 August 2015 the details of the implementation of LR82C, following Racing NSW and Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA) discussions to resolve issues surrounding the regulation of veterinarians associated with the racing industry.
Racing NSW finalised the policy (available below) that clarifies a detailed framework of how LR82C will be implemented.

“The implementation of the rule will support Racing NSW in ensuring that Racing NSW is utilising the best practice integrity model” said Mr V’landys AM.

“Racing NSW is committed to the ongoing consultation with Equine Veterinarians Australia in informing and clarifying rules and protocols that will apply to veterinarians working with racing thoroughbreds,” he said.

Dr Ian Fulton, EVA President, added: “Veterinarians are committed to ensuring the highest standards of integrity in racing as well as the welfare of horses and we want to continue to work with Racing NSW to ensure these standards are maintained”.

Racing NSW will implement LR82C, effective 1 September 2015 with respect to veterinarians practising with metropolitan racing stables and 1 December 2015 for all other veterinarians practising outside the metropolitan area of NSW.

To allow veterinarians operating in the NSW metropolitan area time to lodge and have their permit processed, Racing NSW announced a 14 day grace period. Consequently veterinarians who provide veterinary services to thoroughbred stables in the NSW metropolitan area will be required to have a veterinary permit issued by Racing NSW by no later than Monday 14 September 2015.

Veterinarians – Racing NSW Policy Statement

Provision of permits to veterinarians to provide services
in the New South Wales thoroughbred racing industry NSW Local Rules 82c and 82d

List of Approved Permit Holders

List of Veterinarians issued a Permit by Racing NSW

Application for Veterinarian’s Permit (all NSW)

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Application/Renewal for Stable Veterinarian – On Course

Form to be completed when an approved Veterinarian is applying to attend to horses on a racecourse during a race meeting or barrier trial

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Stable Veterinarian – On Course/Trainers Agreement

Form to be completed when applying to register an agreement between a Stable Veterinarian – On Course and a Trainer.
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